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Rehoming a Pet

Keeping a Pet

The issue you are experiencing with your pet may be easily fixable with the right support. Many problems can be easily helped over the telephone. So give us a ring…. we might be able to offer solutions to behavior problems, offer you other placement ideas, or help to get your pet spayed or neutered so that you will be able to keep your pet.

Please call us at 719-680-2385. If you call after hours, leave your full phone number including the area code. One of our staff members will call you back as soon as we can to help you. You would be surprised at how many times we have been able to help people after one simple phone call.


It is a huge decision to permanently part ways with your pet.  We understand that sometimes an owner is not able to continue to provide care for their pet. Sometimes, pet owners find themselves unable to afford pet care, develop pet allergies, or must move to a home that does not allow animals. Surrendering your pet should always be a last resort…


If you need to find a new home for your pet, one of the best things you can do is to contact friends, family members, or co-workers; as they may be able to provide a home for your pet. You can also contact one of many Colorado-based rescue groups to re-home your pet.


You can also utilize a wonderful new service called REHOME; it is a safe online service which will help you find and choose a good home for your pet.


Click HERE for a free guide which has many good tips that you can download and print, that will help you find a new home for your pet: 


If all other options have been exhausted and you still feel you must give up your pet, do not abandon your pet; please consider surrendering your pet to an animal shelter.  Please understand that living in an animal shelter setting can be very stressful to pets.  Some pets have a difficult time adjusting to no longer being able to be with their humans; and trying to adjust in a noisy environment.  The people who work and volunteer in animal shelters deeply care about pets and they will do what they can to help your pet adjust and find the next chapter of their life.  (Please keep in mind that working in an animal shelter can be stressful for the shelter workers and volunteers as well.)

As a last resort, Noah's Ark accepts owned animals only from residents of Trinidad and within Las Animas County, Colorado.  If you must surrender your pet, please call us in advance so that:

  • you can understand all the details of our processes

  • we can prepare and schedule if needed

  • you can have time to prepare... saying goodbye to a best friend should not be an impulse decision. 

At the time of relinquishment, you will be asked to fill out a surrender form, sign a legal release of ownership, and provide us with a photo ID.  Please bring with you any medical records such as vaccine history if you have them, or ask your vet to fax them to us.

Surrender fees are as follows:

  • Dog or puppy: $10 per animal

  • Litter of puppies (3 or more): $25

  • Cat or kitten: $10 per animal

  • Litter of kittens (3 or more): $25


We think of animals as individuals with varying needs, we understand some animals might take longer to adopt due to medical needs or time adjusting to shelter life... all of which can be a potential added cost to the shelter.  Surrender fees are set to help us provide care for your pet, it's a last gift of sorts... and if you would like too, you are welcome to donate more toward your pet's surrender fee.  The average cost to make an animal adoption ready is $100, not inclusive of any sheltering services. 

We want to save as many lives as possible.  On the owner surrender form, you can elect to be notified if your pet is ever determined to not be an adoption candidate and to have the pet returned to you along with further suggestions. 

Tips on Finding A New Home
Giving Up Your Pet


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