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Help Build a Pawsitive Future for animals in need.

City of Trinidad, CO Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Building

Rendition of new shelter to be built at the former municipal swimming pool site, next to the city power plant on East Main St. in Trinidad, CO

Help Raise the Woof of a New Animal Shelter!

NAAWA is deeply honored to be collaborating with the City of Trinidad, the caring members of our community, and animal lovers from everywhere to finally transform the dream of a modern animal shelter into reality... a home at last! 


A modern home for NAAWA means more homeless animals will be helped by us, they will be more comfortably housed, and more pets can get what they need so they can have an even better chance of adoption... adoption into a loving, forever home!


Additionally, the facility will be a space for community; providing comfortable space for routine low-cost public pet clinics, fun pet themed events, and a classroom for learning about proper animal care.


The new 6,016 sq. ft building will be located next to the power plant building on East Main Street in Trinidad, CO; providing the space needed to properly house, provide care to, and help find homes for the nearly 2,000 homeless pets we serve on average each year. The estimated completion date is the Fall of 2019; the City of Trinidad will be building the exterior and NAAWA will be completing the interior. 


Through the years, thanks to generous supporters, Noah's Ark has been saving for this very project; but more is needed. Contributions are needed to help NAAWA complete the interior construction of the building, outfit it with comfortable kennels for dogs and cats, and all the other furnishings to make this dream a reality.

Will you please help us to help animals in need and help to provide them with the best care possible?

NAAWA Current Shelter
Trailer for cats, admin & storage
Entire indoor dog kennel room
Dog Kennels
Outdoor dog runs border soccer field
Outdoor Dog Runs
Cat Room
Isolation Room
Storage Room
Office area - multidiscipline
Front Office in Dog Kennel
Front Office in Cat Kennel
Director's Office

Build a New Shelter? Why Now?

Since 2001, NAAWA has operated under contract to provide animal sheltering for the City of Trinidad.  The main building that currently serves to house dogs & puppies, was built decades ago as the city pound, and was never intended to support the level of care that animals waiting for adoption or extended court cases need.  It was also not designed to house cats; currently, a donated mobile trailer separate from the dog kennel building, houses cats & kittens. 


When we assumed day-to-day operations, we instituted significant policy changes to promote the health and well-being of the animals.  We have continued to make improvements, but we cannot maintain our high quality of care in a building that is literally patched together and grandfathered in to the State of Colorado’s Pet Animal Care Facility Act requirements.

The building and trailer continue to deteriorate every day.  We’re facing a host of problems, the most important of which is that it adversely affects the health of the animals in our care.  The new facility is designed to house animals more efficiently for the staff, but more importantly to increase the mental stimulation and proper health of the animals in our care. 

A new facility will benefit both two- and four-legged friends in southeastern Colorado and northern New Mexico in a myriad of ways and it would also strengthen our commitment to better serve our animals, our adopters, our volunteers, our staff, and our community.

This is our current shelter at 224 N Chestnut St in Trinidad, CO

Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association (NAAWA) is embarking on the exciting new chapter of building a new shelter facility!

The road over the past two years has brought many benevolent offers to us and we are forever grateful to:

  • the City of Trinidad for offering to build a new shelter near the municipal power on East Main Street - we can't wait to get started with them on this project!  We have so appreciated their collaboration throughout the years and their previous offer of the Hughes Lumber Building as a potential new home 

  • Richard Sawaya, trustee for the Sawaya Estate, who donated 2+ acres of land at Moores Canyon and Santa Fe Trail in Trinidad, CO, and

  • Sharon Pierce for donating two homes in Trinidad in honor of her late son J. Christopher Johnson, which have been sold to provide starter funds for a new shelter. 

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